Quantum Dots QDLED Forecast 2012 – 2022

by admin on November 13, 2012

The market for Quantom Dots products and applications is growing 55.2% from 2012 to 2022. Marketsandmarkets resarch expect that the QDLED market can reach 7480 million dollar in 2022.

QDLED Displays produces pure colors, similar to OLED Displays. QDLED suggest 50 to 100 times better brightness in comparison to CRT, LCD etc displays.

QDLEDs are semiconductor nanoparticls they have a size from 2 nm to 10nm.
Due to their miniature property; they are highly versatile and flexible. The uniqueness of QD material lays in the fact that its power intensity depends on the input source and size of QD. There are several ways to confine excitons in semiconductors, resulting in different methods to produce quantum dots. In general, quantum wires, wells, and dots are grown by advanced epitaxial techniques in nanocrystals produced by chemical methods or by ion implantation, or in nanodevices made by state-of-the-art lithographic techniques.

The report from marketsandmarkets descripe all the possible applications and products based on QD, that are supposed to hit the floor in the next 10 years and/or are already commercialized. In biomedical and biotechnology area, there are several processes or methods, which use QD as their mainstream technology. There are certain assumptions based on market trend that need to be made while formulating the total market, and they are included in the report.


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