QLED Lighting

QLEDs are not only the future display technology, QLEDs are also a future lighting technology.
A company called QD Vision, Inc. is a nanomaterials product company delivering a new generation of lighting and display solutions that provide unmatched color, power efficiency and cost savings. The only quantum dot company solely focused on lighting and displays, QD Vision’s Quantum Light™ product platform harnesses the unique light-emitting properties of a new class of nanomaterials called quantum dots.

QD Vision’s Quantum Light product platform enables breakthrough performance and significant systems cost savings without the cost/performance trade-offs typical of other materials and lighting technologies. The Quantum Light platform exploits the unique light-emitting properties of semiconductor nanocrystals to deliver a new value proposition for LED-based products, including extraordinary color quality, high-power efficiency, manufacturing versatility and design flexibility.

The first products incorporating Quantum Light™ technology are LED lamps and fixtures that deliver savings in energy of up to 80%, best-in-class color quality, and lifetimes in excess of 50,000 hours.
Coe-Sullivan, head of QD Vision, explains the next big innovation in lighting.