Samsung plan to introduce QDOT-TV at CES-2015 NO OLED TV

by admin on November 5, 2014

It looks like the major Television manufacturer are planning to introduces QDOT-Tv or QD-Tv soon.
Samsung Display filed a trademark named QDOT-Tv and showcased a prototype at IFA-2014. A QDOT-Tv is a upgraded version of a LCD TV with a Quantum Dots LED Backlight instead of a standard LED Backlight.
The big chance of QDOT-Tv is that OLED-Television devices are really expensive. OLED realizes a dream picture quality and yes for sure it is a next generation panel. LG Display drops the price monthly but a 65 inch 4k OLED-Tv costs about 20.000 Dollar which is far away for the mass market.
However, if the speed of price reduction is slow, they will turn to QD TV. Another reason for a big chance of QD-TV is that LG-Display is the only company at the moment which can mass produce OLED panels. Samsung Display has no plan to introduce a OLED TV in 2015 because of problems with the manufacturing process.
Speaking with reporters recently, Samsung TV head Kim Hyun-seok said that Samsung’s “strategy on OLED TV this year as well as next year remains unchanged.”
According to the industry, it will take two – three more years for the Chinese TV industry to mass-produce OLED TV panels even when it invests an enormous amount of fund.
Also the chinese companies like Hisense and TCL plan to introduce QD-Tvs for the chinese market because OLED is to expensive at the moment.

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