Nanosys QDEF LED backlight technology at SID-2011

by admin on May 18, 2011

Nanosys QDEF technology is an optical film component for LED LCD backlight units. The QDEF technology can be used in any size, from Tablet-Pcs to large HDTV Television devices.
Designed to replace the functionality of a diffuser sheet while actively converting color, QDEF™ can simply be added to the stack with little change in overall thickness or manufacturing process.
Nanosys use high efficiency quantum dot phosphors. Larger than a water molecule, but smaller than a virus, these tiny phosphors convert blue light from a standard GaN LED into different wavelengths based upon their size. Larger dots emit longer wavelengths (red), while smaller dots emit shorter wavelengths (green). Blending together a mix of dot colors allows Nanosys to engineer a new spectrum of light. This allows LCD manufacturers to accurately match their LED backlight to their LCD color filters to achieve the best possible color and efficiency performance. The result is professional photo and cinema level color performance in the palm of your hand or on your living room wall.

Nanosys suggest richer, more viscerally alive reds, a deeper palette of greens (the color the human eye sees more intensely than any other color) and vivid blues. Browsing through photos on a tablet is now more like holding a stack of high quality, professional prints.
Nanosys want to introduce that new technology in Q4 2011.

QDEF at SID-2011 in Los Angeles

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