LED backlights

by admin on April 15, 2012

Background lighting for cabinets, shelves and TV
Proper lighting is crucial in our daily lives for our well-being. Especially in the dark winter months it is important to set the right lighting. Not only the brightness is crucial, but also the ambience of our well-being plays a huge role. Right lightning can conjure up some lovely or charming effects that amaze the visitors.
Even hobby craftsmen had to accept limits.
Until a few years ago the possibilities for an attractive backlit cabinets, shelves and remote devices were rather limited. Even gifted amateur craftsmen met were limited in this area. But when the Leuchten LED light appeared, everything has changed. The borders of perfectness were expanded. Today there are more then 700 colours to illuminate the background. A remote control takes care of changing colours within a few seconds and very easy. LED lighting systems can be used for different sets of cabinets, shelves or TV. Prices can vary widely depending on the number of foreground lights and the possible colours. There are also cheap versions available for less than one hundred €.
LED lighting for plasma and LED TVs.
In recent years especially much has been done in the area of the backlight for plasma and LED Birnen. Some manufacturers of such TVs already offer them as a standard. If your devices do not have such lighting features, they can be installed.
Basic kits consist of two tubes, which are mounted on the back of the TV set with a double-sided tape either longitudinally or vertically, depending on personal taste. The kit is always a control box and also a remote control. A cosy movie night could soon be stressful if you had constantly to adjust the brightness manually. If the attach with double sided tape is too uncertain, you can also use cable ties.
From a simple white light up to 700 colours – everything is possible
Whether it is a plain, white light, or a great variety of 700 colours is up to you and of course it dependents on your financial shape. Anything is possible with new LED backlights. You can find the perfect lighting for every taste and budget. Perhaps, you will desire to illuminate the background of your TV set.

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