Durability of the LED lamp

by admin on July 9, 2012

Service life of the LED Leuchten depends on several factors. With the course of time brightness of the diode can subside. The good thing is that they do not fail suddenly as a conventional halogen lamp. The cause of this may be an outage, fatigue, poor quality, or lack of its plastic. A lot depends on the materials and workmanship. Unlike a conventional bulb, the burning hours of the LED light consist up to 30,000 hours. This is three times luminosity.
An important aspect of LED technology is economy. Some manufacturers of LED lamps promise 100,000 service hours. Since the LED lights also produce heat, it is an optimum term. If the components of the LED light do not match the individual components, the durability is affected tremendously. Thus, the cooling fins should be placed correctly on the component. An important component of each LED Einbauleuchten is the LED driver. When the lamps are high-quality, they will be placed on a separate LED driver board. This allows a better heat management.
The information on the burning hours of a LED lamp varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.
On the average, LED lamps easily hold up to 100,000 hours and more. The service life of a high-end LED lamp is much shorter. It is 25000-50000 hours. This is because they produce more heat. If you choose a high-power LED light, also look for a suitable location with good ventilation.
As the LED technology is a relatively new technology, you should not believe all of the promised service life period. LED technology exists for about 5 years on the market. I think we need to wait for about 23 years more.

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