It looks like the major Television manufacturer are planning to introduces QDOT-Tv or QD-Tv soon. Samsung Display filed a trademark named QDOT-Tv and showcased a prototype at IFA-2014. A QDOT-Tv is a upgraded version of a LCD TV with a Quantum Dots LED Backlight instead of a standard LED Backlight. The big chance of QDOT-Tv […]

To improve quality of quantum dot light emitting diodes (QD-LED), a research team used a new generation of engineered quantum dots. This phase of development can be beneficial for future HDTVs. QD-LED is a display technology that is in its development stage and its structure is similar to the organic light-emitting diode (OLED). However, it […]

Quantum Dots QDLED Forecast 2012 – 2022

by admin on November 13, 2012

The market for Quantom Dots products and applications is growing 55.2% from 2012 to 2022. Marketsandmarkets resarch expect that the QDLED market can reach 7480 million dollar in 2022. QDLED Displays produces pure colors, similar to OLED Displays. QDLED suggest 50 to 100 times better brightness in comparison to CRT, LCD etc displays. QDLEDs are […]

Durability of the LED lamp

by admin on July 9, 2012

Service life of the LED Leuchten depends on several factors. With the course of time brightness of the diode can subside. The good thing is that they do not fail suddenly as a conventional halogen lamp. The cause of this may be an outage, fatigue, poor quality, or lack of its plastic. A lot depends […]

Living room lighting with LED strips

by admin on July 9, 2012

Due to LED Lichtleisten you can conjure up a mysterious atmosphere in the living room and create accents of comfort and cosiness. There is a wide range of LEDs and they are ideal for pictures’ and backlighting and decoration. LED strips for fine lighting LED illumination has different forms: backlight, tubes or strips. Due to […]

LED backlights

April 15, 2012

Background lighting for cabinets, shelves and TV Proper lighting is crucial in our daily lives for our well-being. Especially in the dark winter months it is important to set the right lighting. Not only the brightness is crucial, but also the ambience of our well-being plays a huge role. Right lightning can conjure up some […]

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QD-Vision showcase full colour 4 inch QLED-Display at SID-2011

May 20, 2011
Thumbnail image for QD-Vision showcase full colour 4 inch QLED-Display at SID-2011

QD-Vision showcased at the SID-2011 in Los Angeles their first 4 inch full colour QLED-Display. The display was developed from the engineers at QD Vision. This is an early prototype and you see a black line this is caused by some problems with the electronics. The advantage of QLEDs (Quantum dots) are nanoparticles made of […]

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Nanosys QDEF LED backlight technology at SID-2011

May 18, 2011

Nanosys QDEF technology is an optical film component for LED LCD backlight units. The QDEF technology can be used in any size, from Tablet-Pcs to large HDTV Television devices. Designed to replace the functionality of a diffuser sheet while actively converting color, QDEF™ can simply be added to the stack with little change in overall […]

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QD-Vision Full-Color QLED Displays achieves significant efficiency and performance improvements

May 16, 2011

QD-Vision announced today a breakthrough in the development of QLED. Full-Color Quantum Dot LED (QLED) Displays Move Closer to Reality, as QD Vision achieves significant efficiency and performance improvements.The company will present these technology achievements, which move low-cost, full-color QLED displays closer to reality, at SID 2011. QLEDs offer all of the functional benefits of […]

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NanoPhotonica Develops Breakthrough Technology for QLED Flat Panel Displays

February 27, 2011
Thumbnail image for NanoPhotonica Develops Breakthrough Technology for QLED Flat Panel Displays

NanoPhotonica, a developer of advanced materials, has perfected realizable, breakthrough QLED display technology that it is commercializing for mass production. Improvements have been made in image quality with the newer OLED technology, but high manufacturing costs, yield limitations and limited lifetime make it expensive and challenging for all but the smallest devices. The company’s S-QLED […]

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